Monday, October 22, 2007

13.1 miles of fun

This is my first post so bear with me until I get thoughts flowing and onto print. The first thing I have to write about it the Nike Women's Half Marathon that I just completed!!! Thank you very much. It was such an awesome experience. I just want to preface it by saying this is a very girly girl type of running event. For the majority of the runners and walkers it was all about the event and not about the time...well for most..let me just sneak in my not so great time. Overall time was a 12:16 minute pace.
Ok here goes...Have you ever seen 23,000 women crowded together on the street at 7:00 am(no we weren't waiting for Saks to open) ready to run 26.2 or 13.1 miles? Well let me tell you the air was buzzing with energy and excitement. I was there with my girls......Debby, Sam, Shirley, and Vanessa. Norma was with Dave (one of about 550 men running) and Erica and Alice were there too! It took us about 17 minutes just to reach the START! The first 5 miles flew by ( I got stuck in line at the porta-potty which really blew my time!!) Then I reached"the hills". And that blew my time (but no one cares right) Everyone mentions the hills but no tells you how incredibly steep these hills are or how many hills there are!!! The course itself was beautiful. The cheering crowds and the volunteers were invaluable. These people really do help you along the course. Thank you! There was a chocolate table yes chocolate at mile 11. Then there was the grand prize at the finish line.....very cute (very young) young men in Tuxedo's and Nike sneakers, holding silver platters with little blue boxes. Little blue boxes you ask...Tiffany & Co. YES!!!! the coveted Tiffany finishers necklace!! They are so cute.
A lot of people can't understand how running 13.1 miles can be fun but running the Nike's Women 1/2 Marathon is so much more than the is 23000 women with one goal, one purpose. It is such a positive and empowering event. It means that a whole lot of women are exercising and doing something good for themselves. In the end the rewards are much bigger than a finishers necklace (although we do it for that too). The proceeds from the event go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
Well I think I am done with my first blog....I know I am so behind the times....

gotta run.....Denise

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Irene said...

Hi Denise!
Nice race report! It was so much fun at the event and I was glad we were able to meet at the event!